PFA / FEP Lined Ball Valve

Empowered with the team of experienced professionals, we are engaged in providing huge range of PFA Line Ball Valve which is a type of ball valve that has the PFA / FEP coating. PFA / FEP mean Perfluoroalkyl vinyl ether resin. These types of ball valves are extensively used in corrosive chemical transfer in Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Fertilizers and Pesticides etc. All the wet parts over the surface of the ball valves are lined with PFA / FEP to protect it from chemical corrosion. We are even offering injection molded PFA / FEP lined ball valves which are free from the pinholes, cracks, swelling, and locally uneven thickness, and prevents service problems with exfoliation, stress cracking and fluid permeation. PFA’s thermal stability no injurious additive or pigment, and remnants chemically inactive, and thus there is no concern of organic extraction or elution of metallic ions. PFA’s paraffin molecular structure provides extremely smooth surface of lined wet parts to minimize valve operating torque.

PFA - FEP Lined Ball Valve PFA - FEP Lined Ball Valve PFA - FEP Lined Ball Valve
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